The Journey Of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is an especially important part of doing business, as it signals to clients and customers that you value them. It also communicates your brand values, establishes and strengthens relationships and builds trust. But what does the process of creating your own branded candle gift look like? Let's take a look...

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How scent is linked to our memories

Find out how scents and memory are related, the connections between them, what scents can be used for creating a calming and peaceful space that can also help you restore a more healthy and emotional balance.

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Why a candle gift can boost their mood

  Why do gifts make you feel happy? For one, it feels good to know that someone was thinking of you and took the time to pick out a present just for you. It's also a nice way to show your affection for someone, or to say thank you. Sometimes, the best gifts are ones that are unexpected and come from the heart. So even if you're not sure what to get someone, don't worry too much. A simple gift that shows you care, can be even more meaningful and appreciated than an expensive one. If you're looking to boost their mood with a gift, then why is home fragrance the perfect way to go? Let's take a look.  ...

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The self care benefits of hand poured candles

    There's something truly special about a hand poured candle. The molten wax, the careful pouring, and of course, the end result... a beautifully crafted candle. Besides the obvious artisan craftsmanship, and the care and love that goes into each candle, what are the self-care benefits of hand poured candles and what sets them apart? Let's take a look. Create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere Ever feel like your mind is racing and you just want to relax? Candles have long been used to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Whether lit alone or as part of a set, candles are renowned for their ability to calm and relax the senses. But not all candles are created equal. When it...

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There's Nothing Quite Like A Hand Poured Candle

  Candle-making is an art that's been practiced for centuries, and if you're looking for a truly calming experience, then choosing hand poured candles is the obvious choice. Here are some reasons why you won't regret choosing hand poured and some tips to help you get the most out of your candle... What are hand poured candles and what makes them different from other types of candles? Hand poured candles are unique and beautiful creations that embody the spirit of craftsmanship and careful attention to detail. Unlike traditional candles, which are mass-produced in factories, hand poured candles are created one by one by dedicated artisans. These candles are made slowly and carefully, with each individual step being undertaken with great...

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