The Geo Ceramic Wax Burner
The Geo Ceramic Wax Burner
The Geo Ceramic Wax Burner
The Geo Ceramic Wax Burner

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The Geo Ceramic Wax Burner

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Looking for the perfect gift? You can't go wrong with this beautiful white ceramic wax burner in an eye-catching geometric design. 

Ceramic Wax Burner  

  • White Ceramic Wax Burner in a geo design. 
  • Use only a two or four hour tea-light.
  • Dimensions h:130mm.

Each item is hand finished and so some natural variations may occur from piece to piece, including minor surface imperfections, contributing to the beauty and uniqueness of each item and does not affect the functionality of the burner in any way.

How to use

Remove one cube of wax and place into the well of your burner. Use only a two or four hour un-scented tea-light when using this wax burner.

Changing the wax

To clean the well or plate of your warmer, simply allow the wax to begin melting (about thirty minutes will do) and it should just slide right out. Another option is to allow the wax to fully melt and use a cotton wool ball or two to soak up the wax. The former is less wasteful. Dispose of this in your household waste.

Care and Safety

See our wax melt care and safety section for more information on how to get the best from your wax melts.